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frezy diamentowe narzędzia diamentowe  tarcze diamentowe tarcze do betonu wiertła diamentowe  tarcze do betonu
Founded in 1992, a small company owned by Jozef Zmudzki has started the production of diamond tools. With the years, the company has expanded substantially, extending its offer and scope. Nevertheless, it remained its family character. In 2004-2008, thanks to financial contributions from European Union funding, we have expanded and modernised our machines resources by the purchase of the equipment designed for the production of diamond segments and tools. We have also built a new production hall. We are extending the range of our services successively. We supply production and construction companies, which are responsible for road works and specialized task on airports and other engineering objects; companies that deal with production and renovation of flooring as well as small entrepreneurs engaged in construction and renovation works. In our offer you will find diamond discs, drills, mills, abrasive wheels, tools for grinding floors and others. What is more, we regenerate diamond tools by replacing the used segments for new ones.

The effective work with the usage of diamond tool depends not only on the quality of the used components but also on its composition. All of our tools are equipped with diamond segments produced in our company according to our own recipes. Thanks to it, we fully control the quality of our products.

We are happy to share with you our wealth of knowledge in diamond tools branch.

With the purchase of tools in our company, you support Polish industry and Polish places of employment.