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Floor grinding tools

We specialize in production of segments and tools used in floor grinding. In our offer one can find tools of different diamond grading scales

„0” #18/20

„1” #30/40

„2” #60/80

„3” #100/120

„4” #270/300

and provided with different types of lagging.

Below, we present a short description of diamond grinding cup wheels with reference to their lagging:

The hardest type of coating used in processing friable or loose concrete.

This hard coating is used in processing all loose materials, including loose concrete and concrete of type B15-B25.

It is used in grinding standard concrete: B25- B40

It is recommended for renovation of granite and grinding hard and high strength concrete.

This type of lagging is used in grinding marble, resin materials. Besides, it is applicable in disposal of top layers, especially in cases when the cement wash on the concrete surface is hardened, concrete type B35-B45.